Cubs fan celebrates World Series Win by Opening 32-year-old Beer

Cubs fan celebrates World Series Win by Opening 32-year-old Beer 

Posted: 7:10 am Friday, November 4th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


Very early Thursday morning, right after the Cubs had won the World Series.. this man pulled out a Coors Light from his fridge that he had put in there in 1984 and promised he wouldn’t touch it until his very loved Chicago Cubs won the world series. “After a hard, long-fought battle tonight, the CUBS WON!!” the man’s son exclaimed in a video shared on Twitter. “Dad, open that beer!” The man then cracked open the can–which was so old it had a pull tab rather than a pop-top–and poured what looked like completely flat brewski into a Cubs mug. Smartly, the man never actually seemed to sip the 32-year-old suds in the minute-long clip. Guess he wants to make sure he’s still alive to see a repeat!