11 Celebs That Have Said They’re Leaving the USA if Trump Becomes President

11 Celebs That Have Said They’re Leaving the USA if Trump Becomes President 

Posted: 5:57 am Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


It would be an understatement to say that some people don’t like trump. The entire US seems divided on either hating him or loving him. Here are 11 celebrities that have vowed to move out of the United States if Trump does in fact, become our next President of the United States…

  1. Bryan Cranston, The Hollywood Reporter: “Absolutely. I would definitely move [to Canada]. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t. It wouldn’t be a vacation. I’d be an expatriate.”
  2. Lena Dunham, Matrix Awards. “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will. … I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there.”
  3. Miley Cyrus, Instagram: “Honestly f**k this s**t. I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!”
  4. Whoopi Goldberg, The View: “When they just use a blanket statement to talk about black people or when they use a blanket statement to talk about white people or women or any other group–I don’t think that’s America. I don’t want it to be America. Maybe it’s time for me to move.”
  5. George Lopez, The Chicago Tribune“If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration, we’ll all go back!”
  7. Keegan-Michael Key, TMZ: “Jeez, I might leave. It’s like, 10 minutes from Detroit. That’s where I’m from; my mom lives there. It’d make her happy too.”
  8. Raven-Symoné, The View: “My confession for this election is, if any Republican gets nominated, I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family. Is that bad? I already have my ticket. I literally bought my ticket, I swear.”
  9. Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy Kimmel Live: “If that motherf**ker becomes president I’ll move my black a** to South Africa.”
  10. Chelsea Handler, Vanity Fair: “I have a house in Spain that is going to be ready right after the election.”
  11. Sienna Miller, Variety: “I don’t know if I can stay if it goes the wrong way, so I’m really hoping that Hillary comes through.”