Guy in CVS Receipt Costume Uses It to Buy Candy at CVS 

Posted: 6:16 pm Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

By AJ Maguire

If you’ve ever shopped at CVS, then you know that the drugstore chain is infamous for burdening customers with the lengthiest receipts in retail history. On Monday, one intrepid Halloween reveler decided to poke fun at the store’s receipts by dressing up as one, then going inside a CVS to buy some Halloween candy. After several shoppers asked if they could snap pics of Jeremy Schneider’s costume, he went to the cashier with bags of Halloween candy and asked, “Can you scan my CVS bucks?“ It turns out he’d rigged his costume so that the receipt bar code actually worked to get him discounts at the store.

Man dressed as a super long CVS receipt goes to CVS: