10 Ways Couples Drive Each Other Crazy in the Car

10 Ways Couples Drive Each Other Crazy in the Car 

Posted: 6:18 am Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


We all know what its like to have that other person in the car that doesn’t want to ask for directions or doesn’t drive as particular and “safe” as you do. Most of the time that person is our significant other. I mean it makes sense. You are with this person more than anyone else. You spend most of your time with them and alot of that time spent is in a car, whether you are driving or they are. And part of being stuck in the same car for so long is HATING the way each other drives. A new survey has released the top 10 ways that you and your significant other drive each other absolutely CRAZY in the car…

  1. The person driving ignoring the other person’s suggestions.
  2. Driving too fast.
  3. Tailgating.
  4. Braking too hard.
  5. Playing music the other person doesn’t like.
  6. Making the car too cold.
  7. Getting lost or taking a bad route.
  8. Making the car too hot.
  9. Filling up the car with trash.
  10. Blasting the radio too loudly.